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My BuzzBreak review: can you really make money watching videos and reading news?


‘Read news, earn free cash!’ – that’s what BuzzBreak promo page says.

Sounds good, huh?

It sure does! So let’s look into how this app works, and how much exactly you can earn if you read news on BuzzBreak.


It seems like BuzzBreak can be used globally, but I can’t vouch for that as they don’t have any information in this regard on their website. I’d recommend you to check your Google Play Store to see if BuzzBreak is there for your country. 

Please note that this app is currently only available on Android devices (the iOS version is in the works). 

Signup process

You can only use the app if you have either a Google or a Facebook account. There are no other ways to sign in at the moment.

Making money on BuzzBreak

Despite what their slogan says, there are more ways to make money on BuzzBreak than by only reading news. 

Let’s see what every one of them is about.

Reading news

BuzzBreak gives you points for every news article you read. But you don’t actually need to read an article; you just have to keep the article page open for some time (up to 30 seconds) and then scroll to the bottom of it to get your reward. 

There is a countdown timer on the article page, so it’s quite easy to track when you can claim your reward and move on to the next article.

There is, however, a limit for the daily number of articles you can read to get your reward, it’s 50 articles a day. Of course, you can read more, but you will only be rewarded for 50 read articles a day.

Watching videos

There is this ‘Videos’ section in the app, but I’m not sure you’ll get rewarded for watching those videos. I watched several videos, but I didn’t receive any points for that. So unless this isn’t some glitch, this is not the way to earn money on BuzzBreak.

There are other ways that work, though.

Every hour you can watch a short video to get some extra points. You cannot watch those videos more often; there is a timer that tells you when you can watch a video.

To access these kinds of videos, you would need to press the gift icon in the top right corner of the app:

Here is how it looks like when the timer is on:

Moreover, if you come back to the app daily, and watch the ‘check-in’ videos every day, you’ll be eligible for bonus points. It’s some sort of a daily challenge – you only get your reward if you complete the action EVERY DAY. Once missed, you’ll get started from the lowest amount of points once again.

Completing various tasks

Just like any other GPT app BuzzBreak has tasks and surveys from offer walls to give its users more ways to earn points (read more on GPT sites and offer walls in my older post here).

To access those tasks, go to ‘Earn’ > ‘Free Points (Offers)’ or ‘Earn’ > ‘Free Points (Survey).’

I would not recommend to complete those tasks on BuzzBreak, though, as, from what I’ve seen, the pay/time spent ratio is worse than on other GPT sites and apps.

Winning the wheel prizes

BuzzBreak offers you an opportunity to win one of these prizes by spinning the wheel:

  • 100 points
  • 1,000 points
  • 10,000 points
  • $10

BUT you would need tickets to spin the wheel. One ticket = one spin.

There are two ways to get those tickets – one is to send SMS invites to your friends (one ticket for every invite), another one is to have your referrals entered your referral code (this way you will earn ten tickets).

I only participated once with ten tickets, and I won 1 prize worth 1,000 points, and 3 prizes worth 100 points each. So I can confirm that this thing works, but it seems like I am just not lucky enough to have won $10.

Other opportunities to make money on BuzzBreak

  • 5,000 points sign up bonus for new users
  • 1,000 points for entering my referral code: B05097047
  • 3,000 points for following BuzzBreak on Facebook
  • 3,000 points for following BuzzBreak on Messenger
  • 10,000 points for sharing BuzzBreak with your groups

Payment options

The only payment option available now is PayPal. 

What’s great about BuzzBreak is that the cash out threshold is very low – you can withdraw your earnings as soon as you earn 2 cents. 

Earning potential

I’ll be honest with you, the earning potential with this app is EXTREMELY low unless you can get a lot of referrals, like, really, A LOT.

Let’s do some simple math.

The current points exchange rate on Buzz Break is 100 000 points = 10 cents.

Fifty articles a day with each one giving you 100 points add up to 5,000 points a day, or 150,000 points a month.

Watching 10 videos a day would give you 10,000 points a day, or 300,000 points a month.

Weekly bonus for watching videos would be 19,400 points; that’s 77,600 points a month.

That’s a total of 527,600 points, or 52 cents in cash equivalent. IN A MONTH.

Now, imagine you’ve managed to get 100 referrals. 

The referral bonus of 15,000 points multiplied by 100 referrals leaves us with 1,500,000 points, i.e., $1.5

It’s still possible to earn more, but you will need:

  • Active referrals, i.e., the ones who actively use the app. This way, you’ll get more from your referrals (referral bonus + 20% of their earnings + potential winnings from the wheel).
  • More ‘hourly’ videos watched in a day. 
  • To complete offers and surveys (although I strongly recommend you not to do that on BuzzBreak).

Referral program

BuzzBreak has a 5-level referral program, meaning the more people you refer to the app, the bigger the bonus you receive for that. 

Level one gives you 9,000 points for a referral, and level five gives 15,000 points.

It’s important to note that you and your referrals will only receive your bonuses after your referrals enter your code in the app.

Apart from the one-time referral bonus, you will also get 20% of your referrals’ earnings with BuzzBreak.

It’s also worth noting that your referrals receive 1,000 points once they enter your code.

Is BuzzBreak legit?

BuzzBreak is legit. You can’t get rich with the app, but it pays. Here is the payment proof:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

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