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My Gift Hunter Club review: Is it a legit website to make extra money online?


GiftHunterClub.com is probably my favorite GPT (=Get Paid To) site. 

Founded back in 2012, it claims to have paid its members more than $500,000 since that time. 

So what is Gift Hunter Club? Let me tell you about it in more detail.


GiftHunterClub.com is available worldwide, but to save your time, I’d recommend you to check the payment options it offers before you sign up just in case they don’t work for your country. Read more on that below.

Signup process

Signing up with Gift Hunter Club is extremely easy. All you have to do is to fill your e-mail and password. They currently have an app for Android only, so if you wish to use the app instead of the website, you can use my referral code (OSPSBB) when signing up to receive 100 cents (1 dollar) as a registration bonus.

Making money on GiftHunterClub.com

Gift Hunter Club currently has 19 (!!!) offer walls, including AdGate, OfferToro, AdGem, Adscend, WannAds, RevenueUniverse, and more. These offer walls provide multiple opportunities to earn money like:

  • Completing surveys
  • Completing quizzes
  • Installing and running mobile apps
  • Playing games
  • Signing up for various services

PLUS they also have the ‘Tasks’ section where you can earn money completing Figure Eight (previously known as Crowd Flower) jobs.

Well, all those opportunities are also available on other GPT websites, so this is not why I love Gift Hunter Club so much.

GiftHunterClub.com offers extra money-making opportunities specific to Gift Hunter Club. They include:

Daily bonuses.

To get a daily bonus, you need to complete at least two offers or surveys worth 8 cents or more AND 5 Figure Eight tasks within the day (UTC). Your bonus will make up 10% of your daily earnings. 

Weekly bonuses.

To earn a weekly bonus, you need to complete at least one offer every day (UTC). The value of the offer doesn’t matter at all, meaning you can complete a 2 cents worth quiz every day, and you’ll still get the weekly bonus. It’s quite easy to do, so the bonus is quite small – just 10 cents. 

Tasks bonuses.

People who get 1,000 cents for Figure Eight tasks within a calendar week will get 100 cents as a bonus from Gift Hunter Club. 

Referral contests.

You don’t have to sign up to take part in a referral contest that Gift Hunter Club runs every month. All you have to do is to refer as many users to GiftHunterClub.com as you can (read more on Gift Hunter Club’s referral program below).

You can always track your progress in the ‘Contests > Referral contest’ section of GiftHunterClub.com.

Ten people who refer the most active users in a month get prizes.

First place winner gets 3500 cents (`$35), second place winner gets 2200 cents (`$22), third place winner gets 1000 cents (`$10), fourth and fifth place winners get 500 cents and 200 cents respectively, and sixth to tenth place winners get 100 cents. 

Tasks contests.

Similarly to referral contests, you don’t have to sign up to participate in a tasks contest. Every user who completes Figure Eight tasks within a calendar week is enrolled automatically. So, unlike the referral contest, tasks contest is weekly.

Only ten winners get rewards, and the rewards are much more modest than those for referral contest winners. They range from 500 cents for the first place winner to 10 cents for the tenth place winner.

But don’t forget Gift Hunter Club offers tasks bonuses for completing Figure Eight jobs, so even if you don’t get a prize in the tasks contest, you might still get the tasks bonus.


Gift Hunter Club also runs raffles every once in a while. The prizes are not necessarily monetary, though. Sometimes the winners get Amazon gift cards, and sometimes they get some gaming-related rewards. Some raffles are free to participate, while others may require some entry fee (the raffle that’s currently running has an entry price of 10 cents).

Payment options

You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal, or you can exchange them for Amazon gift cards.

Gift Hunter Club currently offers PayPal withdrawals in Euro and US dollars, with the minimum payout being 5 USD/5 EUR. Exchange rates are as follows:

  • $5 to PayPal = 530 cents
  • $10 to PayPal = 1,000 cents
  • 5 Euro to PayPal = 740 cents
  • 10 Euro to PayPal = 1,250 cents

I recommend you to wait until you earn enough to withdraw 10 USD/10 EUR, as this way you will get more for your cents. 

What I mean is if you order $10 to your PayPal account, you’ll spend 1,000 cents. But if you order $5 to PayPal twice, you’ll pay 1,060 cents.

The same applies to Euro withdrawals. Two 5-Euro withdrawals will cost you 1,480 cents instead of 1,250 cents you would pay for cashing out 10 Euro at once.

Gift Hunter Club provides several Amazon gift card options to choose from:

  • Amazon UK gift cards valued 5 GBP and 10 GBP;
  • Amazon Canada gift cards valued 10 dollars;
  • Amazon USA gift cards valued 5 dollars and 10 dollars;
  • Amazon Spain gift cards valued 5 Euro and 10 Euro.

Earning potential

You are probably thinking, ‘This is all great, but how much can I earn with Gift Hunter Club’? I can’t give you the exact number, as your earnings pretty much depend on how many offers are available to you (as with many GPT websites, the number of offers on GiftHunterClub.com varies from country to country), and how active you are on the platform. Needless to say, your earnings will be higher if you’ll get to refer active users to Gift Hunter Club. But as with other GPT sites, you certainly won’t make a living on this platform. 

All in all, I’d recommend you to sign up and see for yourself if it’s worth your time or not. Keep in mind that the offers get regularly updated, so it won’t hurt to check what offers are there at least once a day.

Referral program

Gift Hunter Club’s referral program lets you earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings. Plus, you’ll get 75 cents bonus once a person you refer makes their first 100 cents on the platform. 

If people sign up using your referral link or code, they will also get a bonus of 100 cents (`1 US dollar). Not bad at all, considering the minimum payout is 5 US dollars. 

Is GiftHunterClub.com legit?

Is Gift Hunter Club a scam? No, it is not; Gift Hunter Club is 100% legit. I cashed out several times with them, and I always got my payments. I waited for my first payment for about two days, but all the next payments came to my PayPal account within 3 hours after I ordered them.

Here is the payment proof:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest


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