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My Guessmaster review: Have fun and win daily cash prizes for free


I rarely involve in lotteries and other stuff that makes me rely on my luck (because I’m not exactly the lucky type), but I got hooked on Guessmaster immediately after I signed up.

Not that I am hoping to finally hit the jackpot; it’s just that using Guessmaster is fun, and it doesn’t take much of my time.

What’s even better, Guessmaster is 100% free! Yes, you heard me right.

Want to know what Guessmaster is about? Please read below.


According to their Terms & Conditions, Guessmaster is only available to play for UK residents who are above the age of 18.

Signup process

It’s pretty easy to sign up with Guessmaster – you will only need to fill your e-mail and password. You won’t even have to create a username – Guessmaster will do that for you, and you can change it later if you want to.

Making money with Guessmaster

To make money with Guessmaster you will need to do a lot of guessing and playing fun games.
Guessmaster currently has four games to play. Read below to know more.

Code Cracker

Code Cracker is my favorite game on Guessmaster. No, I haven’t guessed the code a single time, but I still enjoy playing it, and I hope you will, too.

This game offers £50 to the lucky winner who guesses a 7-digit code.

You can play 2 Code Cracker games in a day, and each game gives you three attempts.

Let me show you how it works in more detail.

At your very first attempt you will need to enter seven random digits (0 to 9) into the blank spaces, and hit ‘ENTER.’

If you guess a digit correctly, it will be added to the upper line and will be highlighted green.
In my example, you can see that I guessed the first and the fifth digits:

So, the next time you will need to enter the numbers you’ve already guessed to their exact positions – the first and the fifth in my case – and also enter some new digits to the other positions. Make sure not to enter the numbers you’ve used for your previous attempt as they are obviously wrong.

Then do the same for your third attempt.

Ehhh, I didn’t win this time!

But it was fun anyway.

Main Challenge

Here you will be shown a picture along with a question, and you will need to guess the exact answer to win the main prize (usually £5, £10 or £15).

To give you an idea of what questions there might be, I will show you some of their questions from the past challenges:

Questions are updated every 24 hours (at 5 PM UK GMT), and you’ll be given two guesses per question.

If two or more people have guessed the same number, the one who submitted their guess earlier gets ranked higher, so it makes sense to submit your guesses right after the challenge starts.

Results are announced on the next day, so don’t panic if you guessed the answer correctly, but your balance shows nothing.


To win this game, you will need to guess the number that will be chosen THE LEAST within the day. The first prize is usually £5.
You will be shown the numbers from 1 to 20, and you can select three numbers a day (you can choose them all at once).
Just like with the Main Challenge, results are announced on the next day, and those who submit their guesses earlier than others are ranked higher.

This challenge starts daily at noon (UK GMT), so keep this in mind if you wish to be a step ahead of your competition. 🙂

Flash Draw

There is nothing much I can say about this game. It’s just a daily draw where you have 5 attempts to win prizes ranging from £0.01 to £50. 

Payment options

Guessmaster’s only payment option is PayPal.

To withdraw your earnings you need to have a balance of at least £10.

Earning potential

It’s impossible to predict your earnings with this website, as it all is a matter of luck.

But if you are lucky, you can win first prize in some of the games Guessmaster offers, and those range from £5 to £50.

Referral program

Guessmaster’s referral program lets you earn £0.25 for every active user you refer to the platform, and your referrals get £0.10 bonus for signing up with your referral link.

There is a capping, however. You can only get a total of £250 for referring people to Guessmaster, meaning even if you refer 1,500 active users to the platform, you will only get the bonus for 1,000 of them.

Well, I think this is quite hard to reach this cap anyway.

Is Guessmaster legit?

I haven’t cashed out yet, but based on the reviews I found on the Internet, Guessmaster is legit.

I will update this review with my payment proof once I make my first cash out with them.

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